As an entrepreneur, you might have already entertained the idea of hiring a virtual assistant to help you with some of the day-to-day admin of your company. The majority of industry professionals will really benefit from taking on a trusted assistant, whether you are a solo entrepreneur, leader of a tech startup or run your own small business. 

Still not convinced that taking on a virtual assistant will provide you with a professional advantage? Read on to find out more! 

Why Work With A Virtual Assistant? 

There are a lot of reasons why so many entrepreneurs and business leaders are now working closely with a VA. Here are just a few of the various ways in which you and your business might benefit. 

●     Frees Up More Of Your Time

Do you often find that there are never enough hours in a day? Lots of entrepreneurs and business owners regularly feel short on time when they have so many responsibilities and so much to focus on. If you hire a VA, then you won’t be a time-short entrepreneur for much longer! You can start handing over some of your small admin tasks to them so that you can spend your days focusing on the more important aspects of running your own company.

●     Reduces Your Business Costs 

Some professionals are quite wary about hiring a virtual assistant as they worry that their fees will bump up their business expenses. That couldn’t be further from the truth, though! In fact, many companies find that taking on a VA can help them to effectively bring down their costs. That’s because a remote assistant will usually be more affordable than bringing in someone on a full-time basis. You also won’t be required to offer them any financial perks, such as paid vacations or pension contributions. 

●     Streamline Your Processes

A VA will help you improve your business organisation by pointing out inefficiencies and spotting any gaps in your current processes. As a result, it should be easier to spot which procedures in your firm can be streamlined and your VA will be able to help put some positive changes in place.

●     A Trusted Right-Hand Person

I get it, your business is precious and you are passionate about it, so how could someone else be? Imagine for one moment that your potential VA will feel exactly as you do? They too are business owners and face the same challenges in business as you do, so who better to understand? If you are successful they are successful, if you are happy they are happy and it always gives me personally great pride to be involved in someone else’s passion!

Once you do hire a VA, these next few tips can ensure that your working relationship gets off to a fantastic and productive start. 

●     Your Priority Needs To Be Communication

You need to communicate well with your VA otherwise your working relationship could very quickly break down. Some entrepreneurs prefer to keep emails down to a minimum, but checking in with your VA regularly is important, especially right at the start. It prevents any miscommunications and also gives them the chance to flag any immediate issues. 

●     Share All Records 

A shared Dropbox folder will come in very handy as it ensures that you can easily share all documents and paperwork efficiently. Your VA will need access to everything, including your emails and business credit card so that they can keep you as organised as possible. Be sure to share everything so that nothing is forgotten!

●     Be Realistic With Your Expectations

Your VA will probably be juggling a few clients at once, so you can’t expect them to be available for your work at all times. As long as you allow them flexibility and don’t have expectations that are too challenging for them, then you should get on just fine together! It’s always best to have an honest talk about your expectations before you do hire a VA, just so there is no confusion for either party from the outset. 

As you can see, there are many advantages to taking on a VA to help you with your business’s organisation. As long as you follow all of my tips for how to work well with them and how to set up a professional working relationship, then it should be a huge success for both of you!