We are in a digital era, and now over 86% of businesses use email as their preferred form of communication. This can lead to a cluttered and confusing inbox with countless unread email messages and result in a loss of efficiency when it comes to your business communications.

According to a study, the average business owner will spend a third of their working day dealing with emails from clients and companies. This can mean up to twelve hours of our working week is taken up dealing with communications that may not be urgent. It’s here that a client inbox management service can change your daily efficiency.

Management of a client’s inbox involves a high level of organisation, trust and integrity. Your job is to reduce the amount of time your client spends reading and responding to emails. It is easy for your client to become overwhelmed by the number of communications they are receiving per day.


There are lot of ways you can do this, but you may want to start by separating different email accounts and keep one account ‘clean’ this should be an account that receives and replies to all critical business emails. You also need to create folders and subfolders. Grouping messages into organised folders help you find them when you are trying to retract an essential piece of communication. Gmail has some great organisational tools including tags, but if you are using Outlook, you can utilise their category filter. Tagging your emails helps you keep up to date with where you are on a particular job. It is highly useful if you are managing multiple projects; within this, you could use labels to colour code emails. This helps you keep up with the status of current communications – helping you know when something needs chasing up.

Templates and Spam

A good virtual assistant will work with you to create a reply template. This could be one for all, or you may want to specify templates across specific jobs. This can help you reduce the number of responses you need to manage during your busy day. All urgent emails will be highlighted, and you can ask for a weekly or daily report, so you have a clear understanding of where you stand with your managed inbox. Your Virtual assistant will help you reduce spam too, and this filtering will give you a clear and concise view of your inbox and can help you stay on top of unnecessary junk mail that confuses your system or poses a risk for viruses.

You can work with a virtual assistant and ask them for a bespoke management system that is tailored around your company and your schedule, at all times you have control should you want it. If you notice anything you like or would like to change, you can organically grow your service.

Time is essential, and a managed inbox can free up so many hours in your day. This gives you time to focus on creating more revenue and increasing your turnover.