sERvices & pricing



Executive Assistant

* Inbox Management
* Calendar Management
* Travel Schedules
* Daily Reminders

General Administrator

* CRM Implementation
* Internal Team Support
* Onboarding Clients
* Research

WordPress Maintenance

* Updating Your Website
* Adding Blogs
* Fixing Broken Links
* Updating Plugins

Social Media Assistant

* Content Curation
* Scheduling
* Community Support
* Interacting with posts

Content Creator

* Brand Aligned Images
* Newsletter Content
* Writing Blogs
* Transcription


* Reports and Statements
* Bank Reconciliations
* Expenses
* Chasing Debtors


I totally understand that you have potentially never outsourced your admin to anyone or even that it is as an option, thinking instead you needed to employ someone full-time?

I hear this a lot on discovery calls with clients.  The truth is that we both need to find out more about each other, that we are a good fit to work together and essentially I know what I am doing!

It can be tricky to decide exactly what you need but I’m here to help.  You might have a good idea of your requirements but quite often these things evolve over a period of time as I get to know you and your business.  I’m here to streamline your processes and make life easier, thereby allowing your main focus to remain on growing your business.

My top recommendation would be to start on the ad-hoc rate, perhaps even put a budget on it and then after three months of working together we can review what we have achieved.  I can then work out for you your average spend and move you on to a retainer.

But why would I move to a retainer you ask, it’s the same price – well quite simply it’s to guarantee you my time.

Trusting an outsider with your business affairs can be a challenge.  However, Karen’s work ethic and communication skills are second to none and we soon found a great rhythm working together.

I am confident in asking Karen to handle my meetings, travel and diary as I know she understands my priorities.  Her proactive approach means that she’s often one step ahead of me and can pre-empt issues before they arise which is very reassuring.

Victor Malachard, Chairman @

I have no hesitation in recommending Karen as a VA.

After an initial meeting, Karen was very thorough with ascertaining my needs and expectations. The research she carried out for me was precise and concise and saved me hours of time.

I’m a control freak but trust Karen implicitly to do what’s required.

Tanya Filer, Founder @

I love working with individuals who are passionate about their work, ambitious and want to develop and grow their business, sound like you?